Playlist No 1

Remember when Starbucks used to sell CDs of the music that was playing overhead? I think I bought a few including several Pink Martini albums (became one of my favorites). In Seattle, Caffe Vita not only sold CDs, I believe they had their own record studio.

In this modern age, CDs are becoming more vintage every day and if you don't go scrounging stores for old records, maybe a cassette tape to connect with the past and when you aren't listening to vinyl in your home, you are probably streaming through one of the big music sites.

We decided to have some fun with this idea and release some music ourselves, curated by our family members.

Playlist 1 comes from my son Austin and is entitled "Fresh Roasted Beans." You can follow the link and listed to this list via Spotify on your computer, phone,  and more. Enjoy.

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