Giving Back

Black Clover Country Coffee Roasters is proud to work with local and international nonprofits that promote our values. We are happy to support our local community whenever we can. If you are interested in a sponsorship of some kind, feel free to reach out

The nonprofit we primarily work with is Patrol Base Abbate. Patrol Base Abbate provides a space for all veterans and service members to reconnect around shared interests.  We aim to facilitate a rediscovery of purpose so our members can reclaim the best version of themselves and their communities. The legacy of our namesake, Sergeant Matthew Abbate, Navy Cross recipient, serves as an example for all veterans. In times of need, there is a Sergeant Abbate in all of our lives who believes in us more than we believe in ourselves. We use his legacy to guide us towards the best version of ourselves.

If you want to read the full press release, you can read it here.