V60 Pour Over

The V60 Pour Over is one of our personal favorites. Serves 1-2 balanced cups of coffee and since it takes a little more time, give you that zen coffee-brewing experience along the way. Like the Chemex, the V60 shows up the complexities and nuance of the bean nicely.


Step 1
Bring approximately 20 ounces of water to a boil.

Step 2
Weigh out 28 grams of whole beans. Using a burr grinder, grind the beans to a "flat bottom" coffee filter consistency (12:00 on the commercial grinders).

Step 3
Add your freshly ground coffee into the filter and make a gentle "divot" in the center. Place V60 along with a #2 filter over your favorite mug or a carafe and on your digital scale and tare to ‘0 grams.

Step 4
Now we're ready to start brewing. Once your water has reached a boil, allow it to cool a few degrees, waiting about 90 seconds before brewing (from boiling water to optimal brewing temperature of 200 degrees, it takes 90 seconds). Then slowly pour the freshly boiled water into the center of the bed of grounds until your scale reads ‘60 grams’ (2 liquid ounces). Let stand for 45 seconds, allowing the dry coffee to absorb the water. This pre-saturation is called a 'bloom,' and the goal is to fully saturate the coffee grounds without any water dripping through the filter.

Step 5
Following the bloom, begin pouring a steady, even stream of hot water over the grounds in a circular motion. Take care not to pour directly onto the sides of the V60, and keep the water level below the rim of the pot, so it does not overflow. Continue slowly pouring until your digital scale has reached ‘415 grams’. Shoot for a target brewing time of 2 minutes. If your brew finishes quicker than 2 minutes, then your grind setting is too coarse. If takes longer than 2 minutes (if it is close, should be OK), then your grind setting is too fine. Adjust accordingly.

Step 6
When all of the water has dripped through the filter, the volume of coffee should be near the top of your favorite mug. Enjoy.