Cold Brew

Cold brew is a favorite. Grandpa may not like cold coffee but once you take him to the "other side" and serve over ice, you may have a new convert.  Make it on Sunday, have it for the week to enjoy refreshing, bold coffee to pour over ice (or ratio with milk).  It is much simpler to make than most people realize. Here you go.


Step 1
Get 2 liters of cold water.

Step 2
Coarsely grind (french press or even more coarse setting) 12 ounces of coffee.

Step 3
If you have a Toddy cold brew system, set up with filter on inside bottom and rubber stopper on outside bottom. If you don't, you can simply add the coffee grounds to your 1-liter container. Give it a gentle stir just so that all of the grounds are wet.

Step 4
Let steep for 12-18 hours.

Step 5
Strain either by pulling out the rubber stopper of the Toddy cold brew system or pass through a mesh strainer into your favorite carafe or large jar. Note: if passing through a strainer, you may want to pass through cheesecloth as well if you don't want any coffee sludge left over.

Step 6
This is cold coffee concentrate. In other words, you may need to dilute it at a 1:1 ratio with water or with cold milk to make a cold brew latte. Keeps in frige for 1-2 weeks. Enjoy!