Coffee Blossom Honey - Otto Herrera - La Esperanza

12.0 oz

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Part of our mission at Black Clover is to build relationships. Relationships with vendors, customers, and farmers. When we select coffees from around the world, having a relationship is that much more significant. We can learn about the farms, their practices and most importantly, their people.

One of the relationships that we are proud to have built is the sourcing of our single origin Guatemala from the Huehuetenango region.  Our green coffee supplier has family-run farms and has been working with the beekeepers in the area who have been pollinating the coffee flowers of the beans we sell!  As farmers, we think that is extra cool.

About this Honey

Producing honey not only provides an additional source of revenue but it has the added value of increasing cross pollination and it is a liquid asset as a local consumable! Having an additional product that can be sold or traded locally as well as exported creates more options for a small coffee producer allowing them to become more independent and have a bright future.

The Finca Vista Hermosa means “farm with a beautiful view”. This beautiful view is of the valley where La Esperanza, or “the hope” is located.

Tasting notes: starfruit, kiwi and coffee blossom aroma. Great with granola and yogurt!

A Note on Crystallization

Three things make honey more likely to crystallize: 

  1. Temperature below 50ºF (10ºC)
  2. The ratio of glucose and fructose in the honey
  3. Pollen content

To turn your Coffee Blossom Honey back into a smooth liquid put your honey in a vessel of warm water and allow it to slowly liquify. 

NOTE: Raw honey is not suitable for infants.